Is it possible to go to work on a daily basis and have a blast doing it? You bet! That’s exactly what Line-X is, an unbelievable company to own and be a part of. The possibilities are endless with all the diverse applications our product can accomplish.

Most people may think that “bedliners” are the only thing Line-X is for, but quite the contrary. Go back to that time when you were a kid lying down and day dreaming, if you can think it up, Line-X more than likely has a practical application for it. Whether we’re talking about running boards, utility trailers, industrial equipment, or every- day household items, Line-X is made to get the job done.

Our high-pressure, heated polyurea/polyurethane sets Line-X way ahead of the pack when we’re talking about coatings. You’ll see our staff’s eyes light up when a customer walks through the door and inquires about this fantastic product. All because we’re eager to show these folks the reason why we have thousands of happy and amazed people across North America, and want to keep them coming back for many years to come.

Check us out on our main website or stop in for some samples and helpful information so we can point you in the direction that makes Line-X number one in customer satisfaction for many years running!